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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Public Court Records

Hi Friend,

Lets take a look at common procedure to obtain public court records from your local court house or municiple building.

Obtaining court records is actually quite easy. If you know the exact case file you are looking for, make sure you write down all of the information about it before you arrive at the courthouse.

A name or social security number is good. A case file number works even better. This allows you more time to peruse the documents and less time searching for them. Always ask the person at the information desk these questions:

In most cases, court records are open to the public for viewing. Court records fall under the Public Records Act of the United States and can be accessed by almost anyone wishing to view them.

Simply walk into your local or state courthouse, ask the person at the information desk what department holds the records you are seeking, and that department can explain how to access the records. Often, records are stored on microfilm, so you’ll probably sit at a computer station to access the records.

In some cases, the records may still exist in written form for your browsing pleasure. As a side note, if you are planning to go to the courthouse to browse public records, don’t forget to dress appropriately. In today’s world, if you are dressed for success, you will be more likely to be treated more seriously. If you are dressed for the ballgame, you may not be so successful.


Gerald Roberts
Macclenny, fl

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